As usual in the summer months, there tends to be more patients needing blood than there are donors. United We Give, United We Live reminds people that if there are no volunteer blood donors, there won’t be blood when our loved ones need it.
According to a press release, just in the greater Shreveport and Texarkana area more than 1,000 blood donations are needed every week to support patients. The blood given today will be provided to the hospitals almost immediately after it is tested and cleared for patient use. It will go straight to patients in these communities or for an urgent need in the southern area where the weather is hitting.

LifeShare Blood Center
LifeShare Blood Center

The United We Give, United We Live campaign is going on today and tomorrow (Friday, June 23) from 8AM to 8PM and Saturday, June 24 from 8AM to 3PM. Each donor will receive a United We Give, United We Live t-shirt while supplies last.
Donations can be made at the LifeShare Blood Center at 1321 College Drive
in Texarkana, Texas or call (903) 794-3173.

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