This is the time of year that many folks love hearing about ghostly towns, highways, and even cemeteries. Do old cemeteries freak you out?  Cemeteries are supposed to be a place where our loved ones are buried and remembered. A place to rest in peace but sometimes depending how old the cemetery and it's past, it could be haunted.

One particular cemetery is located not too far from Texarkana in the small Southwest town of DeQueen, Ark. The cemetery is named Avon cemetery and it's one of 10 located in that particular region according to the website Vacations Made Easy. 

But what sets this cemetery apart from the rest is the alleged sightings of ghosts that still may haunt the area. All towns seem to have an urban legend of some sort and this one involves a baby. Legend has it that a woman was drawing water from an underground well but in order to raise the bucket she had to use both hands so she set her baby down on the ledge and the child accidentally fell in and drowned. The story has it that if you drop a rock into the well, you may hear the baby crying. Other reports include seeing an apparition of a woman running toward the well, apparently looking for her baby.

I have to admit, I've lived here most of my life and many of my friends have told me about these tales. But remember, as with all cemeteries if you plan on visiting, be mindful and respectful for the people that are buried there because that is there resting place.

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Avon Cemetery is approximately 60 minutes north of Texarkana. (See Map)



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