There is an organization called GoTopless that's devoted to equal rights for female toplessness.  They say that if men can be topless in public, then women should be allowed to go topless too.

In other words, they're fighting the good fight.

I am bringing this up because Sunday August 21st is their official "GoTopless Day".  They're encouraging women to go to rallies... TOPLESS... to protest the unfair double-standard laws.

So if there's gonna be a rally here, you won't want to miss it.  You can find out on their website if one is going to pop up, or get information on how to host a rally of your own.

But it gets even better...  They're asking men to make sure to COVER UP their chests at the rallies, to sort of switch gender roles for the day.  So there will be lots of exposed breasts... and you can keep your man-boobs packed away.

As for whether it's legal for the women to go topless... that sort of depends on how the local police choose to handle things.

For more information on the group, check out the GoTopless Introduction Video... (Not Safe for Work.)