Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has scheduled a trip to Texarkana this week to address the rising cases of COVID-19 in the state and vaccination hesitancy.

Governor feels the battle needs to be fought in rural areas of the state especially with the more infectious COVID variant that is causing new problems across the country. According to a press release and Arklatex Homepage, Hutchison told the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce in a Zoom meeting that it is the rural areas that are struggling with some of the lowest vaccinations rates in the state.

With schools set to open in a few weeks, he didn't see any changes forthcoming at this time. The main focus needs to be making sure everyone understands the importance of vaccinations to assure we have no interruptions during the school year in sporting events and other school functions.

Governor Asa Hutchinson is scheduled to speak at 6 PM on Thursday, July 15, at the Texarkana Arkansas Convention Center to address any questions the public may have about vaccinations and COVID.

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