Arkansas law enforcement leaders and legislators all gathered around Governor Asa Hutchinson as he signed a new bill granting a one-time bonus or stipend yesterday at the state Capitol in Little Rock. Payments of $5000 will be going out to police, probation and parole officers. State troopers will receive $2000 stipends and a separate bill increases for Arkansas state troopers and other certified law enforcement officers of the Department of Public Safety. 

“This was a public service session in which we showed our appreciation and the value we place on our law enforcement officers,” Governor Hutchinson said. “There’s not been a session of the legislature that’s done more to my knowledge for law enforcement.”

As well as updating the state's 911 system, over the past seven years, Arkansas has improved its parole and probation system and mandated crisis-intervention training for officers.

“Our support for law enforcement did not begin with this session,” the Governor said, “but we certainly put an exclamation point on it this time.”

Gov Hutchinson Signs Stipends For AR LEOs - Office of the Governor
Gov Hutchinson Signs Stipends For AR LEOs - Office of the Governor


Senate Bill 103:

Grants a one-time stipend of $5,000 to full-time certified city and county law enforcement officers and full-time certified state Department of Corrections probation and parole officers. The bill gives a one-time stipend of $2,000 to full-time certified state troopers and other certified law enforcement officers of the Department of Public Safety.

Senate Pro Tempore Jimmy Hickey sponsored the bill in the Senate, and Speaker of the House Matthew Shepherd carried it in the House.

House Bill 1026:

This bill increases the average annual starting salary for state troopers from $42,357 to $54,000.

“That is an increase of more than $11,000 in starting salary for our state troopers,” the Governor said. “That will move us from seventh in our region for starting salaries to second in our region.”

Pay for troopers first class will increase from $53,035 to $60,006. The average annual salary for corporals will increase from $63,612 to $71,237; sergeants’ pay will increase from $74,319 to $84,439. The average annual salary for lieutenants will increase from $84,229 to $94,076; captains from $94,277 to $105,166: majors from $107,541 to $116,772.

These new laws and others are partly the results of recommendations from the Task Force to Improve Law Enforcement created by Governor Hutchinson after the death of George Floyd.

“No responsibility is more important for government than to assure public safety,” the Governor said. “Our police officers are risking their lives ... and they deserve our support and thanks."

You can watch the full signing below:

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