I  know that I am in the minority here, but I hate the switch to daylight savings time. I understand why it was needed in the past, but in today’s society its totally unnecessary.

Why in the world on those long hot days of Summer, would we need it to get dark at 9:30?  Is 8:30 not late enough? Part of my dislike is because my alarm goes off shortly after 4 am each work day. It is very hard to get the kids to go to sleep at a decent time when it stays light so long. I have always enjoyed the fall when we turn the clocks back to standard time.


Well,  here is another reason to dislike the change to daylight savings time. Researchers say the risk of heart attacks actually goes up by around 10% in the first few days after the switch,  and goes down by around the same amount when we switch back to standard time in early November.

Daylight Savings Time used to run from early April to late October. However, a few years ago the geniuses in  Congress decided to extend it even further. It now runs from early March to early November.

For the next month,  kids will be standing in the pitch darkness waiting for the school bus……. I guess I have vented enough. Don’t forget to set your clocks forward one hour when going to bed this Saturday. We will finally get the hour of sleep back in November

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