Yesterday Apple showed off the latest iPad and Apple lovers went ga-ga. In fact, a new survey showed that 42% of the current iPad owners will replace that "Oh, so old iPad" they have as soon as the new one hits the stores next Friday (March 16th).

Here’s a quick rundown of the announcement.

  • Called “the new iPad,” will be released March 16 but pre-orders are going on now.
  • Starting price of $499.
  • It has a sharper screen display with more pixels than a traditional HD t.v.
  • Upgraded camera and a faster processor.
  • The new iPad also has personal hotspot software allowing the device to share a high-speed network with up to five devices (carrier permitting, of course), and, like the most recent iteration of the iPhone, it features voice dictation technology.
  • All that extra mojo means the upgraded iPad is a bit thicker and heavier than previous models — but not by much. It’s now 0.37 inches thick (compared to 0.34 inches) and weighs 1.4 pounds (up from 1.33 pounds).
  • The new iPad also has 4G, or LTE, mobile networks, with AT&T and Verizon Wireless set to be the first US wireless carriers to sell the device.
  • During Wednesday’s event, Apple CEO Tim Cook also unveiled an updated version of the company’s TV set-top box, which has a new user interface and what Cook deemed a “mirroring function” that will allow users to send video from their mobile devices to their televisions. The new Apple TV, which also goes on sale March 16, will cost $99.
New Apple iPad

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