Their own official bio says they will bring you a "twisted take on current events," I think we can all agree on that. Ladies and gents, please welcome Walton & Johnson.

John Walton and Steve Johnson have been together since 1983 and it shows in how well they know each other and their audience. Steve does several character voices on the show and John fills in with other voices when needed and both put the flames to the fire of current events.

On their website Bio:

The W&J Radio Show is one of the most respected and universally imitated radio programs in the nation. No show has a more unique mix of "stream of consciousness," opinionated and compelling talk, celebrity guest, musical elements, fictional characters and famous impersonations, great skit writing and production coupled with powerful interaction that radio audiences seem to appreciate.

Walton & Johnson show listeners are affectionately known as the 10%ers, because apparently, only...

 the smartest, prettiest, and most sophisticated listener "gets" the satire and commentary.

W&J are a syndicated show based out of Houston, Texas, and here's a warning up front, if they haven't offended you yet, just give 'em a little time. It's a different show than we're used to here in Texarkana but we think that with time they will grow on you and sooner rather than later, become a morning obsession.










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