Texarkana College President James Henry Russell warns about the future of the institution.Russell said at the latest College Board of Trustees meeting that its imperative that the citizens of Bowie County vote in favor of expanding the taxing district to include the entire county. “It is critical for the community to recognize that Texarkana College will not be able to continue to offer the same level of course or service to students if the proposition does not pass to expand the taxing district.”

He went on to say, “We simply do not have any other sustainable revenue options that will allow us to keep our doors open and operate anywhere near the level we are currently serving this community.”

The current budget for 2012-2013 showed a deficit or around $1.8 million, which is being made up by one time revenue sources.

A $1 Million pledge from former Texarkana native, Dallas billionaire,  H. Ross Perot is contignet on the success of the upcoming tax annexation election in November. Perot presented the community with a challenge back in the spring, pledging to donate up to $1 million dollars each year for the next four years if the citizens of Bowie County support the college by passing the tax expansion.

If the tax is defeated at the polls, the pledge from Perot will not be secured.

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