Remember a decade ago when every single person in the country ate cereal for breakfast?  Yeah, that's a distant memory now.

Americans just aren't that into cereal anymore.  And it's not a low-carb thing... come on.  We love carbs more than ever. It's just that for breakfast, we now prefer things like bagels, Egg McMuffins, pastries... stuff we can grab and eat on the run.

Cereal sales keep dropping like crazy... even in just the past 12 months cereal sales are down 2.55%.  Here are the six brands that have taken it the hardest.

#6.)  Corn Flakes. Sales are down 3.8% since 2007.

#5.)  Cheerios. Sales are down 6.9% since 2007.

#4.)  Raisin Bran. Sales are down 7.9% since 2007.

#3.)  Rice Krispies. Sales are down 10.3% since 2007.

#2.)  Corn Pops. Sales are down 12.8% since 2007.

#1.)  Special K. Sales are down 15.9% since 2007.

(Daily Finance)