The Miller County Office of Emergency Management has teamed up with College Hill Drug and Lansdell Family Clinic to provide a COVID-19 vaccination clinic Saturday, March 6, from 9am-5pm at the Arkansas High School Razorback Gym located at 1500 Jefferson.

Miller County recently began receiving larger shipments of the vaccine and the pharmacies need a larger venue for the rollout. Director Joe Bennett of Emergency Management said, “Coordination efforts between OEM, Texarkana Arkansas School District, Rotary Club of Texarkana, College Hill Drug, Health Mart and various medical facilities have resulted in providing this service to citizens aged 65 and over, staff and faculty at educational facilities, medical personnel and emergency responders, and newly approved to receive the vaccination; agricultural workers and poultry processing workers in the poultry industry, all of which are included in the Phase 1A-1B category.”

Currently, there are approximately 1400 people signed up on the College Hill Drug vaccination web site. OEM receives phone calls daily from citizens who say they have signed up but not have been called. Often, it is revealed that a call was made to the individual but not answered due to a non-recognized phone number. College Hill Drug recommends that anyone who has signed up previously and not been called to please sign up again, include an email address and you will receive a sign-up confirmation email first and then you will receive a phone call to schedule your appointment. The Rotary Club of Texarkana, or another volunteer organization will be making the calls to schedule appointments and they will ask the vaccine recipient to pick up paperwork at College Hill Drug that must be filled out prior to the appointment on Saturday.

“There will be several vaccination stations set up in the gym, so the medical personnel hope to administer around 175 doses an hour.” Bennett said. The shelf life is limited for these vaccines and we don’t want to waste any, so people aged 65 and older and food/agricultural workers need

To sign up this week. The link to sign up on the College Hill Drug website.

OEM suggests that citizens who have a confirmed registration arrive at Arkansas High School and park in the parking lot behind the school. Police will assist the motorists and volunteers will direct the patients to a waiting area to complete vaccination paperwork. Registered citizens are asked to bring some form of identification and an insurance card.

If there is anyone interested in volunteering to assist with parking, patient direction or other logistics for this clinic or a future clinic, please contact Joe Bennett at 870-748-3733 and leave a message or send a text.

Due to a recent office move, OEM currently has no office phone or internet so use the cell number above and leave a message.

Please visit OEM on Facebook at Miller County Office of Emergency Management or visit for more information.

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