Just when we thought we were safe and getting back to normal. Covid is back in our area big time, with the state of Texas reporting that currently in Bowie County we now have 1,155 active cases. Authorities in Texarkana are reminding citizens to take proper precautions.

Less Severe But More Contagious

Sick woman lying with thermometer

Texarkana's local Health Authority Dr. Matt Young stated in a press release,

“While the new variant seems to be less severe for most people, and for now is causing less hospitalizations, it also seems to be much more contagious and easily transmissible than we’ve seen in the past. Please, do what you can to stay safe.”

Let's Don't Overwhelm The Hospitals


The last thing any of us want is to overwhelm the hospitals and clinics. So they are urging us to remember to wash hands, use social distancing and if you can not then please wear a mask.

Bowie County Judge Bobby Howell said they are trying to keep the testing areas and the infusion treatment center available but to be aware that there is a limited capacity for the infusion center.

Where Should I Get Tested For COVID?


Mayor Bob Bruggeman also is reminding us to call our primary care physician for testing or local pharmacies and clinics instead of going to the hospital. You can also go to the Texarkana-Bowie County Family Health Center located at 902 W. 12th Street in Texarkana, Texas.

 If you have symptoms of COVID or have tested positive for it please avoid contact with others.

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