Miller County Emergency Management Director Joe Bennet has informed us that they have teamed up with the Miller County Health Department located at 503 Walnut and will be handing out free COVID test kits until they run out.

According to Bennett, they were given several cases from the Arkansas Department of Health for distribution and they will be handing them out for free today while supplies last or they run out. For individuals, the kit contains 2 tests, and for families, the kit contains 3 COVID tests.

Anyone who is showing signs of having COVID or thinks they may have come in contact with someone with COVID is urged to drive-thru the Miller County Health Department parking lot where someone will give you a test kit to take home. The MCHD is located in the old convent building across from the old St. Michael Hospital.

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Bennett is hoping they will get more cases in over the coming days but at this time he doesn't know when.

COVID test kits are also available at the Texarkana Library and the Bridge the Gap Ministry on Jefferson Avenue, however, it is unknown just how many they have.

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