A Run To Remember 5K will be Saturday at 8:30AM at The Texarkana Golf Ranch located at  7401 University Ave, Texarkana, Texas. Race registration is from 7:30-8:15AM.

The entry fee is $30. The race will benefit dementia care at the Bunch Woodview Center at Cornerstone Retirement Center in Texarkana.  Race sign up starts at 7:30AM.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall male and female runners will be awarded trophies.

1st - 3rd place will be awarded medals in the following age and gender divisions:

Male 19 and under
Female 19 and under
Male 20-29
Female 20-29
Male 30-39
Female 30-39
Male 40-49
Female 40-49
Male 50-59
Female 50-59

If you have any questions about the 5K or the available sponsorship opportunities, contact Monica Beeman, Race Director, at 903-293-8525 or email her at MBeeman@mrcaff.org.

Texarkana Golf Ranch, Google Maps
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If you are considering running a 5K, but you haven't run before or you are a runner trying to get back into a rhythm, here are some tips to help you reach your goal.

The big way to get motivated to run is to officially throw your hat into the ring. Pick a race and sign up. Having an actual goal and date to work toward will help you focus and commit to your training. If you are truly a new runner, make sure the race is at least eight weeks away to give yourself plenty of time to build up your running distance slowly.

The only piece of running gear you really need to run a 5K is a good pair of sneakers. Go to your local running specialty store and get properly fit for a pair of sneakers. Make sure they watch how you run both barefoot and then in several pairs of shoes. The store employees should be looking to make sure that the shoe helps support how you run. If the sneakers do not feel comfortable, keep looking. Your shoes should not hurt your feet.

If you're into gear, then you can look into a sports watch as it will help you know your mileage and, depending on the model, your speed. There are also plenty of apps on the market now that can turn your phone into a sports watch of sorts. Shop around for an app that match your running goals the best.

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