This summer because of the coronavirus a lot of people have changed their normal family vacations into one that you don't have to travel too far away for and can still practice social distancing. Here's a fun day trip to take especially if you and your family love animals, especially big cats.

It's Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary just outside of Tyler, Texas. I went a few years ago and absolutely loved it! You'll get a chance to see tigers, lions plus cougars, bobcats, pumas and more. They are expanding their facility and are starting to include other endangered animals.

Last week they posted a video of their newest members two young foxes. You might want to call in advance that way you can get tickets and know that you can have some social distancing while you watch these beautiful big cats play and cool off in their pools.

They have guided tours and self-guided tours. Either way, you will learn all about these animals and their stories about how they came to the sanctuary. Most of these beautiful big cats came to Tiger Creek because they were neglected, abused or displaced, but they are now well cared for and healthy.

You can find out more about Tiger Cree Animal Sanctuary at their website or on Facebook.

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