It's the weekend before Christmas, so there will be a lot of running around town. Whether it's for last-minute shopping, wrapping gifts or getting together with family and friends for parties, chances are there will be a time this weekend to 'defrag' a little and watch Christmas movies.

A Christmas Story -  Who can forget the quote "You'll shoot your eye out!"  or the leg lamp?


The Santa Clause - What a wonderful concept of Santa. Tim Allen is a gem in this film.

Love Actually - if you've never seen this movie, it is SO worth it! The ensemble cast is great and I love Billy Nighy as the aging rocker!

Miracle on 34th Street (1949) - Nothing beats the original. Natalie Wood as the little girl Susan is priceless.

1. It's A Wonderful Life - There is a reason this is the #1 Christmas movie of all time because everyone LOVES it!


The Bishop's Wife - Cary Grant makes for a handsome angel! Love how the trailer is a little movie in itself.

The Polar Express - I can't help but get caught up in the magic of this film every year!

Holiday Affair - Actually I just saw this one for the very first time last weekend and I love it!! Check out a young Janet Leigh yes the one that is the mother of Jamie Lee Curtis and the one that's famous for the shower scene in Psycho!


Christmas in Connecticut - This is a fun little movie with Barbra Stanwyck.


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