It's about time someone found a way to profit off a combination of softcore porno and crippling depression.

24-year-old Sarah White of New York City is a former psychology student who's now making her living as a NAKED THERAPIST.

For $150-an-hour you go to her website, SarahWhiteLive, and have a text chat while a webcam shows Sarah.  During the session, as you tell her your problems and she talks you through them, she strips down and gets completely nude.

After she builds up trust with clients she'll transfer to two-way Skype video chats... and then, sometimes, in-person appointments.

She says, quote, "[My] goal is to show patients I have nothing to hide, and encourage them to be more honest.  [To] look deeply into themselves and speak their minds openly."

Oh, and Sarah is not a registered or licensed therapist, and nude therapy hasn't been certified by any mental health association.  But she never makes physical contact with clients, since that would be a huge violation of ethics.

(And if you're interested in learning more, check out her website at