Do you remember your first car?  And when I ask the question, does a picture of it instantly appear in your head... and start you on a wistful, romantic flashback?  Possibly with "Low Rider" by WAR playing as the soundtrack?

According to a new survey commissioned by Castrol, almost EVERYONE has happy memories of their first car.

Half of the people surveyed say they had a, quote, "love affair" with their first car and they'll never forget it.  Another 40% say they remember their first car fondly.  That means only 10% of people don't have happy first-car memories

25% of people say they gave their first car a NAME.

10% of people say that even though their car would be a total heap by modern standards, they'd DEFINITELY buy it back if they had the chance.

62% of people say that their first car was six years old or more when they bought it used or got it passed down from a parent or sibling.  The average person kept their first car for three years.

57% of people say they bought their first car themselves.  Men were more likely than women to buy their first car.