Zapata Grill located in downtown Texarkana caught on fire earlier this morning. It took place around 9 AM and luckily firefighters were there to put out the flames quickly. 

Heather Soyars
Heather Soyars

Heather Soyars who works across the street from the restaurant said;

The fire started on the grill and then jumped to the vent and caught the ceiling on fire


Heather Soyers
Heather Soyars

Fortunately, there were no injuries and the restaurant was not open at the time so no customers were inside the building.  Let's hope that the restaurant will open back up soon after any damage has been assessed and repaired. Zapata's is located at 217 Walnut Street.

The Texarkana Gazette stated;

Arkansas-side firefighters could see flames on the restaurant's roof when they arrived from Fire Station No. 1 in the Texarkana Municipal Building just across Walnut Street. Smoke drifted out of the building as firefighters, some wearing self-contained breathing gear, worked to stop the fire from spreading.


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