There is just no excuse for behavior like this at youth sporting events.  We've seen parents act a fool, but here in this video, a youth assistant football coach is caught getting just plain stupid.

This happened in McTyre Park in West Park Florida, at a game between the West Park Saints, and the Miramar Patriots.  A coach for the patriots was shooting video of the game when referee Andrew Keigans had just called the Saints on an "un-sportsman like conduct" penalty after hearing one of the Saints coaches yell a derogatory comment.  That caused a shouting and shoving match between Keigans and one of the Saints assistant coaches after he charged onto the field.

Because one of the coaches barged onto the field to dispute the call, one of the head referees called the game, giving the win to the Patriots.

After the game was called, you can see parents and the entire coaching staff charging onto the field to confront the referee.  The video shows Keigans doing everything he can to avoid confrontation, even trying to leave the field.

That is when 43-year-old Saints assistant coach Dion Robinson comes running up behind Keigans, and punches him in the face hard enough to knock him to the ground.  On the video you can hear concerned parents yelling "Get the kids off the field".

The Broward County Sheriffs department is currently looking for Robinson, who may receive a number of charges for his behavior.