If you don't know who Sarah Thomas is, you're about to this Sunday. She will make history as the first female to serve as an official in the Big Game on Sunday. How freakin' cool is that?!?!

Thomas who is in her 6th season as an NFL referee is from 47 of Pascagoula, Mississippi. One would think breaking glass ceilings was the goal she hoped to achieve when she became the first full-time female official six years ago, but Thomas told Fox 13 that she never set out to make history.

"It's just so meaningful. I never set out to be the first in any of this," said Thomas.

I loooove football, and I would love to be close to the action.... but I don't know if I'd want to be IN the action. I'd terrified of getting tackled or just steam rolled. Heck it would be my luck I'd end up at the bottom of the pile. Thomas has no fear though. She's embracing the moment and anticipates getting a bit emotional she told Fox 13l.

"When I get on that field and I take it all in, I know that I'm probably going to get a little teary eyed. Just understand this is remarkable and I'm truly honored and humbled to be part of this year's Super Bowl crew."

Check out the video below to hear Thomas tell you how she became an NFL official.

This is such a big deal and huge first for women, and especially for young girls who will never really know a time when NFL officials were all men. Thank you, Sarah Thomas, for blazing that trail.


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