Would you actually give up three years of your life for beer?

Yes, we are talking about living three years less just for beer. In a recent survey, Arkansans said they absolutely would do this. A survey by Alcohol.org found this suprising statistic.

Glass of beer
Peter Kim

Now is where this gets really crazy. In this same survey, people were asked if they would give up their morning cup of coffee. A staggering 37 percent of those surveyed would give up coffee for alcohol.

The cup of coffee and beans
Oleksii Afanasiev

Something else from the study that surprised me. 89 percent of those surveyed said that wine is the healthiest alcohol to consume. Since it is made from grapes, right?

bottle and glass with red wine

Another stat Is that people in the survey believed that craft beer is healthier for them than off-the-shelf beer. The study notes that this is probably the product of great marketing on behalf of the craft beer manufacturers. This survey was taken by a 3700 person panel. So at least there is a fairly big survey.

But the thing that supposed me the most is the number of people who largely ignore the bad effects of alcohol.  If this many people would give up coffee or even shorten their lifespan by three years, is beer the answer?

I know it is pretty commonplace at most functions to have a drink, from the backyard barbecue to the golf course alcohol is become the norm for most people. I drank way more in my youth but now it is almost non-existent in my everyday life.

Would you give up your coffee and possibly three years of your life for alcohol?

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