Miracle Machine Turns Water to Wine [VIDEO]
Touting that it brings Silicon Valley and Napa Valley together, The Miracle Machine is an accelerated wine making device that inventors say that in just days will turn water into a wine that would rival any $20 bottle from the liquor store.
Bacchanalian Delights
Now and then a new festival is launched that brings together the perfect blend of food, drink, crafts and music. The Avinger Wine Festival did just that!
AC/DC… The Wine
What is AC/DC doing?  Are they working on the new album? Negative.  Are they planning a tour? Nope! Are the releasing band branded board games... yeah they did that... but what I was trying to get to was their WINE. It's AC/DC the Wine!
Fast Food Restaurants are Starting to Sell Alcohol
There's lots of big money in helping our wonderful country get fat.  But there's also a pretty good bit of money to be made in getting us drunk.  And now, the fast food chains are finally getting on the wagon, or off the wagon... I never could get that right.
More and more fast food and quick service…