So here's the news: The World's Smallest Comic has been made, a strip by Claudia Puhlfürst called Juana Knits The Planet, etched onto a single human hair. It was done with a machine called the "Focused Ion Beam," which, like a very fine laser, used a tiny, tiny jet of matter to carve twelve panels at a microscopic size, in order to promote the technology being shown at the Exceptional Hardware Software Meeting in Germany.

Now here's the weird part: In order to promote this pretty awesome use of German technology for peaceful purposes, someone decided that they should make a video that is f**king terrifying. Seriously: THEY ADDED THE SOUNDS OF A CREEPY MUSIC BOX. WHY DID THEY DO THIS?

Take note, press release writers: Looking to announce an interesting new technology? Make sure to throw some porcelain dolls with their eyes gouged out and a full mouthful of bloody teeth sitting in a sink somewhere in the background, just to make sure you have everyone's attention! What better spokesman than your darkest nightmares to show the wonders of artistic creation? Nobody, that's who!

Aside from just ruining my afternoon with some straight up Silent Hill s**t, the technology on display here is pretty cool -- although mostly for its non-carving-comics-onto-human-hair capabilities. That said, when this technology inevitably gets a little cheaper, I would probably spring for, say, the complete 17-issue Godzilla comic from Marvel to be etched onto my luxurious mohawk. Sure, nobody could see it, but it would make me feel better.

Check over at DeviantArt to see Puhlfürst's comic in its original, non-hair medium.



[Via Robot6]

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