Guys the next time your wife or girlfriend gets angry that you won't ask for directions, just say "Hey, that's the way I was made!" Now there's research to prove that your not really stubborn, you suffer from "Blind Panic." What?

The Medical Daily reported:

The latest findings reveal that while women are more likely to accept change in order to reach a goal, being forced to accept the fact that their system failed makes men flustered, which is why men will often rigidly stick to their original "system" even though it has clearly led them astray.

Often, when they are forced to confront the fact that their "system" does not work, they will speed up in a desperate attempt to avoid admitting the reality of the situation. In contrast, women are more than happy to use all available resources to help them reach a destination, even if that means stopping and asking for directions.

Now, I know all men aren't like that...wait a minute, yes they are! I was thinking that my husband, John was an exception to the rule, but no he is guilty too! Yes, he'll ask for directions eventually, but only when we are really, really lost! Instead he does the old, "If we just keep heading east, we'll run into it." Yeah, Two HOURS later! But hey, I guess that's just the way he's made. ;)

So guys, honestly, do you have a hard time asking for directions?

Now for the truth! Girls, does your guy have a difficult time asking for directions?


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