I've said before that "connectivity is the downfall of productivity", and I still believe that to be true for us that do the work, but for your employer it means they are getting up to 30 extra work days from you every year.

Back in the day, if your boss was trying to reach you, he had to call your home phone. All you had to do, was not answer and you were clear. Now, bosses know they can reach you 24/7 and they DO.

There is a new study that claims that the average employee now puts in an extra 4 hours and 51 minutes of work per week from home. That includes everything from checking, and catching up on email to doing actual projects.

If you put in 49 weeks a year, that adds up to 30 extra 8-hour days a year... A FULL MONTH of extra work.

The study also found that half of the people that participated in the study have missed an important social, or family event because of "work" they had to do at home.  20% of parents say that they have had to miss an event at their child's school, 13% have had to miss a child's birthday, 10% missed a spouses birthday, and 8% have missed an anniversary dinner.

(For the record, I do an average of 3 hours of work from home every day of the week.)

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