Did you know that some cities in Texas are making it mandatory to wear a mask when you are out in public? With this being a possibility here I wanted to know where you can get a mask in Texarkana.


1. Texarkana Tent And Awning. They are selling handmade masks for just $5 each and they are giving free masks to all first responders.

2. Mayo Manufacturing is making handmade masks that are sold in packages of ten and are only $5 each. Mayo Manufacturing wants to thank all of those people that are taking care of us. The masks are machine washable. To order your masks you can send your orders to masks@mayofurniture.com. Masks can be paid for with cash or checks, please. All first responders are first on the list.

3. TCBY in Texarkana they have masks for adults and kids. They are located at 2511 Richmond Rd, Richmond Ranch Shopping Center Unfortunately they were not available to get nay more information.

4. Stateline Carton Station has masks starting at $2.50 they are located at 2410 North Stateline in Texarkana, Arkansas.

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