So, you can see it on most all TV channels, Hurricane Irene has her sights set on the East Coast.  I know you have probably seen this stuff before, but it never hurts to recap what supplies you will need to survive a hurricane.

If Irene hits as a category 2 like expected, winds will be blowing between 95 and 110 miles per hour. That can knock over some small trees, blow things around really good, and knock out power.

Some forecasters believe Irene could be as powerful as a category 3 when she hits.  That means winds will be between 111 and 130 miles per hour. Outside damage to buildings will be likely, big trees could be uprooted, and electricity could be lost anywhere from a few days to weeks.

I have not seen anyone predicting Irene reaching a category 4 level, but just so you know, a Cat. 4 storm would produce winds between 131 and 155 miles per hour.  Lots, and lots of trees would be uprooted, you can count on structural damage to buildings, and loss of electricity for weeks or longer.  For reference, Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 when she hit New Orleans, with winds as high as 175 mph.

From the government's website here are some things you will need to have on hand.

#1.)  Water. You will need at least one gallon per person, per day.  Make sure you have enough for at least three days.  A family of four will need at least 12 Gallons of water.

#2.) Food. Keep thinking, you need at least three days worth.  In case of a loss of power, make sure it's stuff you don't have to keep in the fridge.  Make sure you have a can opener.  And don't forget about the pets, make sure you have extra food and water for them too.

#3.)  Simple Tools. A Pair of pliers, wrench, screwdrivers, a hammer, and maybe some duct tape. It's in case you have to turn off the gas, water line, or make some other quick repairs.

#4.)  First-Aid Kit. Make sure it has all of the usual stuff... band-aids, disinfectant, and such.  If you take medications, or you have specific needs and require special medical supplies for a condition, make sure you have enough for a week.

#5.)  Flashlights. Power will more than likely be the first thing to go, and you shouldn't start messing around with candles, and open flames .  That could possibly put a whole other problem in your hands.  So make sure you have at least one flashlight ready... with FRESH batteries.

(I also would advise stocking up on some gasoline... storing this could be very dangerous, but when electricity goes, there will be no way for gas stations to pump fuel.)

To give you and idea of just how BIG Hurricane Irene is, take a look at this video shot from the International Space Station on Wednesday. In this video Irene is a Cat. 3 and looks huge... IT IS... You can see the curve of the Earth, and she still fills the screen...