I need some help. With all of this shelter in place, I have been burning up Netflix. And I need a new show to keep me occupied.

I have watched all of the marvel stuff 'Daredevil','The Defenders', 'Luke Cage', 'Jessica Jones'. I have watched a few other things on Netflix like Lost in Space, and 'Person of Interest' and 'Dexter', but wanted to know what show do you recommend?

I have watched both seasons of 'Altered Carbon' I just rewatched 'Minority Report' and I am trying to get into 'Ozark'. I am two episodes in and it is painfully slow. I am pretty open to almost anything, and I am watching these shows mostly on my Ipad so the kids don't see them if the content is too bad.

I like police shows, and even true crime stuff, but please don't recommend 'Tiger King'. t I am a Science Fiction fan at heart so what would you recommend to watch during the quarantine?

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