We've learned a lot of new words and routines with the coronavirus. From 'Social Distancing' to  'uptick' to even dusting off the old sewing machine to sew masks. Well, now there's something else to worry about  "Maskne".

Maskne is when your face breaks out with 'acne' because of your 'mask' and seriously that's the last thing anyone wants. So here are a few tips to avoid Maskne.

According to  HawaiiNewsNow.com 

1.  Wash your face more.  The main goal is to make sure oil and dirt don't build up.  So washing your face is a big one.

2.  Wear less make-up.  Instead of foundation, try tinted moisturizers that aren't as heavy and won't clog your pores.  Or just wear no make-up on the lower half of your face.  No one can see it anyway, so what's the point?

3.  Wash your mask more often.  Or use the disposable kind.  You're supposed to wash reusable masks every time you use them anyway.  So having at least three or four clean ones that you can rotate in helps.

Welcome to another part of our new normal...at least for a while.

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