Arkansas recently became a "constitutional carry" State, meaning that if you are legally allowed to own a firearm, you can carry that firearm either concealed or openly... but people have more questions.

"Constitutional Carry", or "Permit-less Carry" is what you get when the government gets out of the way with all of their regulations. That means if a person is legally able to purchase a firearm, they are allowed to carry that firearm.  They can decide to carry it concealed, or out in the open like Wyatt Earp. (That doesn't necessarily mean a business has to allow you in with a six-shooter on your hip though.)

So far, seven states are considered "Constitutional Carry" states, and another dozen are considering "constitutional carry" legislation now.

One of the biggest questions I have heard of, comes from people that have paid and continue to pay for their concealed carry permits. States that have opted for "constitutional carry" still offer permits. The best reason to have a permit in any of these states is for travel across State lines. Your permit is proof that you have met your home state's requirements to carry a firearm legally.

A big argument from those that oppose "constitutional carry" is that convicted felons, thugs, and others that are not allowed to own firearms will start carrying guns. (If they want to, they will... legal or not.) Another argument, this one from lawmakers, is a possibility of the loss of revenue generated by requiring people to purchase permits. (That may be.)

Here's another question to ponder... If having and carrying a firearm for self-defense is a right, why is the government allowed to regulate that right, and sell it back to you as a permit?

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