Ms. Stephanie came from New York City to the stations for a visit and digital training, and she also got some first-time firearms training... Watch!

Nervous, almost scared even, Stephanie stepped right up and shot a few different weapons with some country boys that were raised on them. Her reactions are priceless... and on her flight home, we imagine, the TSA will have some interesting reactions to her targets and spent shell casings that she took as souvenirs. (Yes, it is legal to fly with spent shell casings, but we would expect an extremely thorough search for sure.)

We think she did awesome, and when she posted her pic... of course you are always going to get a wide variety of comments from Facebook, but we were very impressed with one of her replies to the many comments in particular,

My great instructor, Mr. Jeff Easterling taught me the most important tool I have when shooting is between my two ears and that means never mixing guns with alcohol. EVEN when in Texas.

Special thanks to our firearms expert Jim Weaver... if you want to learn to shoot, hit him up at Texarkana Gun Club, or Texarkana Self Defense.

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