We all take our vehicles very personal. from the type of vehicle to the big one...the color. It seems that the color we choose for our cars, trucks and SUVs reveal something about our personalities.

A recent study that was published in the U.K by thisismoney.com  shows the good, bad and yes...the ugly.

Here are the basics:

A black vehicle supposedly will make you look smart and ambitious but watch out because it can also make you look selfish. Not the best if your single and looking. To me it says high maintenance. Why? Because a black vehicle will show every speck of dirt so you really need to wash it ...a lot.

A white or silver colored car will make you look trustworthy and honest. Also, from my experience these colors never look dirty. So you can go forever without washing them. No "bad" or "ugly" to this one. My last 3 vehicle have been white.

A beige or brown colored car will make you old before your time. Think of the movie "Grumpy Old Men" cause that's how you'll be perceived.

More grumpy, sad or boring colors are gray, black and green. Wait green? That's what I'm driving now.

Red vehicles will make you seem happy and the life of the party ready to take anything on. On the flip side, the color red is associated with anger.

Other happy colors are Yellow, Pink (see many pink cars lately?) blue and silver.

A blue vehicle might just be the best if you want people to perceive you as kind, and considerate. Seems there is no "bad" or "ugly" to this one either.

Gold vehicles will give off the impression of expensive and wealth.

Want to see more of the study? Click Here.

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