Over the past few years, we've all seen the different colors of pumpkins for Halloween and their meanings for Blue and Teal pumpkins. Now get ready for Purple Pumpkins. What does it mean?

Actually, to be correct on this I must first say that purple pumpkins have been around since 2012 for Epilepsy Awareness but now thanks to Covid-19 it will have another meaning this year. Displaying a purple pumpkin at your house just means that house supports Trick or Treaters.

This is definitely a response to the CDC saying that trick or treating is way too dangerous this year. It seems all this comes from a post on social media that has gone viral about saving Halloween this year.

As a reminder of the other colors:

Someone carrying a Blue Pumpkin Bucket means they have Autism. This campaign was started last year by a group called Autism Speaks, it was also to remind people to not give these kids a difficult time about their costume or lack of and also to remember they may look more like an adult.

Teal Pumpkins displayed at houses means it is a safe house for kids that suffer from food allergies. They may be giving out gluten-free and nut free snacks or little pocket games and toys instead of candy.

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