Each year, the local Teachers Support Teachers organization receives nominations for six Teacher of Excellence Awards.

This year, two PleasantGrove Middle School Teachers were chosen to be recognized for their outstanding work in science and language arts.
Nominated by eighth-grade student Kaylynn Sharp, KristenGibson is the 2021 recipient of the Rogena Sheets Science Excellence Award and nominated by eighth-grade student Annabelle Harp, Elizabeth Sillavan is the recipient of the DonnaPowell English Excellence Award.
Kristen Gibson has been teaching science at PleasantGrove ISD for 12 years. Elizabeth Sillavan has been in education for 7 years and teaching LanguageArts at Pleasant Grove Middle School for 3 years.
Teachers Support Teachers provides support and enrichment programs to classroom leaders and student heroes. Recipients of the Teacher of ExcellenceAwards were honored at a gala on March 6, 2021.

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