With all the rain recently and more on the way, we've seen some areas in and around town where the water has gotten pretty high. It's important to remember a few things if you find yourself driving in these conditions. 

It's scary how quickly a situation can turn deadly. Please be careful. Most importantly, if you are driving in a flooded area, remember  to  “Turn Around - Don’t Drown." It's that simple. It's not like driving on snow or even ice. Those are easy compared to this. Don't even attempt it.

Remember, DO NOT drive onto a flooded roadway. DO NOT drive through flowing water. If you approach a roadway that is flooded, TURN AROUND - DON’T DROWN. Drive with extreme caution if roads are even just wet or it is raining. You can lose control of your vehicle if hydroplaning occurs, which is when a layer of water builds up between your tires and the road, causing there to be no direct contact between your vehicle and the road.


Why is “Turn Around - Don’t Drown” so important? Each year, more deaths occur due to flooding than from any other severe weather related hazard. The main reason is people underestimate the force and power of water. More than half of all flood related deaths result from vehicles being swept downstream. Of these, many are preventable.


Here is a video that will show you just how fast flooding can cause a serious situation.

You can find more on flood safety at the National Weather Service website.

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