Walmart is testing a new shoppe inside some of their Walmart Super-center stores, and taking advantage of the "As Seen on TV" brand.

Walmart has offered "As Seen on TV" products at their website for quite a while, and carry many products in their stores.  Usually located near the check-out aisles, but on a recent stop at the Super Walmart in Roanoke Texas, I visited one of the Walmart/As Seen on TV specialty stores, and was in late night infomercial paradise.

They had EVERYTHING you see on TV.  The Fold-up Fishing pole, (much better than the old-school Ronco pocket fisherman), those awesome knives, the headphones that let me hear the TV so that only my laughter will keep the wife awake, pajama jeans, Chia pets the Sobakawa Pillow that my mother wants, and tons more.

We ended up with the "OrGREENic Non-stick Cookware, and I got one of those Aluma-wallets.  The best part is that you save the shipping and handling, and you can actually see and touch the products before you purchase.  All in all, I think these shoppes will be a big hit.