Rock residencies are becoming the new norm in Las Vegas, with Santana following in Motley Crue‘s footsteps earlier this year. Now Vince Neil reveals his band has been asked back to the House of Blues, and he’s looking forward to it.

The singer stops short of saying they’re committed to a 2013 string of dates at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, but said if things work out … “I’d like to,” he tells Grammy Magazine. “Every night sold out. We’d have 4,000 people every night … There’s just so much to do here if you’re a rock fan.”

The key to a great Vegas residency he says is the visual. Ozzy Osbourne and Kiss are two bands he thinks would do very well on the strip, where he also owns a strip club. Neil has lived in Las Vegas for 17 years, but stays away from gambling. “It’s funny. It’s the most exciting city in the world, but you can also get so far away from all of that when you live here. I can be 10 minutes off the Strip at home and feel like I’m a million miles away.”

Last month, Motley Crue began a summer tour with Kiss. The band also released a new single called ‘Sex,’ which they’ve been playing live.

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