After weeks filled with campaigning, voting, and a leadership orientation, the newly-elected officers of the Student Government Association (SGA) for the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana have been officially sworn-in. 

The organization will focus on three principles for this year's administration -- Honor, Collaboration, and Students First.  Alan Laxton of Mineral Springs was elected president; Lisbeth Bello of Hope was elected vice president (Hope campus); Asha James of Texarkana was elected vice president (Texarkana campus); Hannah Barry of Washington was elected secretary; Samuel Cannon and Kalesha Parrish, both of Texarkana, were elected Senators-At-Large.  Members can be elected by the student body or appointed through the officers of SGA.

UofA Hope-Texarkana
UofA Hope-Texarkana

“The UAHT Student Government Association strives for the general support of the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana's student body, faculty, staff, and administration through service and leadership,” said Christopher Smith, Dean of Student Services.  The Division of Student Services will provide general oversight and responsibility for the Student Government Association.

 For more information, contact Christopher Smith, Dean of Student Services at

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