Driving uninsured could soon cost you more than just a traffic ticket in the city of Texarkana, Texas. It'll cost you a towing bill as well.

Beginning June 15, 2015, uninsured motorists operating their vehicle within the city limits of Texarkana, Texas, may have their vehicle towed if stopped by Texarkana, Texas police officers. The ordinance, which was adopted last year by the City Council, is in response to a report that revealed one out of every seven vehicles on the roadway in Bowie County is uninsured.

One in seven.

Following similar ordinances adopted by officials in cities such as Dallas and Lufkin, lawmakers in Texarkana, Texas, are optimistic that the number of drivers operating without insurance will decline with this new ruling not only within the city limits, but throughout the county as well.

In 2014, Texas-side officers issued more than 2,600 citations for no vehicle insurance, which amounts to more than seven violations per day. Lawmakers believe the new measure -- that provides for vehicles to be towed if the vehicle has no insurance -- will encourage more people to become insured in the first place, which is the ultimate goal.

Officers will only impound uninsured vehicles in the event that the vehicle is involved in a crash, if the vehicle is stopped for a hazardous moving violation, a non-hazardous violation if the driver is unlicensed or if the vehicle registration is invalid.

The State of Texas recognizes valid proof of insurance as either an insurance policy form or copy, an electronic image of the form that can be displayed on a wireless communication device, an insurance binder that confirms compliance, a surety bond certificate, a certificate of deposit (or copy), or a certificate of self-insurance covering the vehicle issued (or copy).