The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana recently added three courses to its business curriculum - Entrepreneurial Leadership, Introduction to Management and Introduction to Marketing.

The courses are designed to assist students in assessing opportunities regarding start-up businesses and to enhance their success in working within the structures of existing businesses.

Edward Lamb, Dean of Business, Technology, and Education, said, “These courses give students the basic steps necessary to start a new business, as well as increase the chances for success and growth in established businesses.  All three courses focus on offering students the opportunities of learning new, innovative strategies and techniques past and present.”

Lamb continued, “Students will be encouraged to research and analyze management leadership techniques.  Additionally, students will learn the principles of mission and vision statements and be better prepared to ease their own vision as they prepare to enter the ever-changing workplace of the 21st Century.  Entrepreneurial Leadership will walk the participants through each step of not only how to start a business, but also examine strategies and leadership skills that will enhance the chance of success in a start-up or existing business.”

The course instructor, George S. Smith, has been an adjunct instructor in the Business and English Departments for several years.  He was instrumental in assisting the development of two business incubator systems, which provide hands-on assistance to start-up businesses.  He has served as a corporate communications executive for two global companies and as a business consultant for various industries, including publishing, retail, wholesale and medical supplies.

Smith is a published author and his book, “Circumference of Me,” a “unique management and leadership guide for our life and times,” is used in business programs at various Texas A&M campuses, as well as select courses at UAHT.

In this course, Smith said, “Students will walk through the steps necessary to set up a successful business and explore the pitfalls, concerns and opportunities in starting a new business or enhancing an existing one.  The class will also identify the leadership traits of successful managers in all types of businesses and examine the attributes that leaders bring to the businesses that are essential to building a loyal and productive workforce.”

Additionally, successful entrepreneurs from the area and throughout the state will tell their stories to emphasize what elements are necessary for building a successful business and being an effective leader.

The course will be offered from 5:30PM - 7PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the spring semester.  To register, call 870-777-5722.

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