U2 guitarist The Edge is working to provide assistance for musicians who lost their instruments as a result of Hurricane Harvey, bandmate Bono has said. The help will come via The Edge’s Music Rising organization, which he founded in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Harvey was the first major hurricane to strike the United States in 12 years, and the 130mph storm is thought to have caused damage to hundreds of thousands of homes across Texas, while forcing over 30,000 people to flee. At least 71 people died and the repair bill is estimated at more than $7 billion.

Bono explained that The Edge wanted to help professional musicians in particular. He told Mix 104.1 (via AltPress): “When Hurricane Katrina did its damage to New Orleans and destroyed the lives of so many musicians there, he put together Music Rising. It was a really clever way of getting the musicians of the area some instruments so they could continue to live. Edge has been in discussions how to do the same in Houston. And, you know, we have private ways that we will respond, but publicly that’s what we’re doing.”

Rock producer Bob Ezrin, who co-founded the organization, is quoted on the Music Rising website as saying: “Bringing school music classes and bands back online helps the students to regain a sense of security and community, and to overcome the trauma of these catastrophes. It’s a very important part of their healing process.” Donations can be made via the website. 100% of funds received will be used in relief efforts.

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