Another one? U.S. Pizza Co. located at 4206 Gibson Lane, in Texarkana, Texas has closed its doors. A sign on their door states they are closed. But, I thought they were doing so well?

One of our employees at Townsquare Media, Kristi, just happened to be driving by this morning and saw the sign. We have tried to call the business number to verify the news and we have emailed the company headquarters but we have not received a response.

Kristi Barrientes
Kristi Barrientes

According to the U.S. Pizza Co. official website, the location here in Texarkana is listed at a franchise and owned by Sam Dickens.

They opened in the spring of 2018 so it's sad to see them close so soon especially after seeing the great reviews they received.

U.S. Pizza Co. is an Arkansas based company and started in 1972 in Levy, Arkansas winning multiple Arkansas Democrat awards including best pizza, salad, and best patio.


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