Kids are acting up and already getting cranky, stomachs growling, the dog needs a walk, you need a walk, you know, a little bit of "stretch-your-legs-time", to get the kinks out for a few minutes, or you just simply need a nice bathroom? Have I got a place for you...

Honestly, I have been driving by this location since it was built in 2018 and noticed that it looked like a pretty good place to stop but just never did. Well, that all changed this past weekend when coming back from DFW to Texarkana, I had a little time on my hands and decided to check it out, and what I discovered was a gem of what we used to call a "rest stop". But these are way better than I remember "rest stops" to be. I'm thinking the Texas Department of Public Safety's Rest Areas just might be the finest I've ever seen.

Please dad? - Canva
Please dad? - Canva

Don't laugh, I'm serious...

There are times when you want to make your stops at a favorite place to grab a bite to eat, pick up some souvenirs, or get gas. Then there are times when you've got plenty of gas, you've packed a lunch, you just need a potty break and you don't want to fight a thousand people for a parking place or a bag crunchy-numties.

This is known as the Hopkins County Safety Rest Area and is located off I-30 between Greenville and Sulfur Springs, in Cumby, Texas. Check out the map...

They have a Safety Rest Stop on either side of I-30 East or Westbound. Full disclosure, I have not been to the Westbound side yet, but the Eastbound stop is fantastic.


  • Air-conditioned lobby and restrooms.
  • Picnic tables.
  • Diaper changing stations.
  • Playground.
  • Drinking water.
  • Security surveillance.
  • Family/assisted restroom.
  • Separate truck and passenger parking.
  • Handicap access.
  • Storm shelter.
  • Interpretive displays.
  • Vending machines.
  • Men's and women's restrooms.
  • Walking trail.

Take a look for yourself:

Best Safety/Rest Area In East Texas Along I-30

These Rest Areas are managed and maintained, video surveilled, and kept very clean, by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

So the next time you need a break, looking for a good place to sit outside and eat, charge a phone or game machine, talk a little walk, sit in the AC, grab a snack, or you just remembered that asking her to "go" outside was a really bad idea... then here are two more stops you can add to your list of "good places to stop on I-30."

You want me to wee where? - Canva
You want me to wee where? - Canva

For more details about the Hopkins County Safety Rest Area, click here.

For more Rest Areas like this around the Great State of Texas, click here.

Happy and safe traveling.

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