A book is a powerful thing. In fact, sometimes reading the right book can be a life altering experience. That's exactly what happened when five-year-old Toby Little of Sheffield, England brought home a book from school entitled “A Letter to New Zealand” which documents a letter's travels.

Toby Little writes letters to the world
Toby Little writes letters to the world. (Photo courtesy Sabine Little)

Toby was so inspired by this book that he asked his mother Sabine, a glass artist, if he could also write a letter to New Zealand. But he didn't stop there. Soon his mission became writing letters to every country in the world.

To date, Toby has written 258 letters and has received 71 postcards or letters in return. He has covered 189 out of 193 of the countries encompassed by the United Nations.

To track his progress or to see how you can help Toby accomplish his goal, you can visit his website at writingtotheworld.com and see how a small boy continues to touch the lives of people the world over.

If you'd like to purchase Alison Hawes' book, A Letter To New Zealand, for your youngster, limited copies are available on Amazon.

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