Being a junior in college now, one might think I know everything there is to know about college life. Wrong (and I hate admitting that I don't know everything).

I'll tell you one thing though, if I had known there was a funny advice book out on how to deal with sticky situations such as roommate problems, adjusting to classes or being away from home then I definitely would have read it cover to cover.

Lucky for you, you're not me. In this regard anyway.

Harlan Cohen's book "The Naked Roommate: and 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College" is a great self-help book meant to give you tips on navigating the do's and don't's of college life.

The book is witty and clever and has advice on just about everything, but I have a few do's and don't's of my own.


  • Clean up after yourself
  • Have roommate bonding nights
  • Set up some sort of agreement on when to have people in your room
  • Make friends outside of just your dorm
  • Interact with your professors (it can actually help your grade)
  • GO TO CLASS (your parents aren't spending a fortune for you to skip)
  • Go to the library
  • Make sure you eat breakfast every single morning
  • Study
  • BE CONSIDERATE (this is my big one right here)
  • Have fun, duh!


  • Snooze your alarm, it's rude
  • Take your roommate's food
  • Take your roommate's clothes
  • Be a slob
  • Keep old pizza boxes in your room for weeks
  • Talk bad about your roommate
  • Put off studying until the last minute (you'll be screwed if you do, trust me)
  • Ever leave your dorm without an umbrella
  • Wear pajamas to class
  • WEAR ANOTHER UNIVERSITY SHIRT (like really, if you go to Arkansas with me and wear a LSU shirt chances are I will give you dirty looks until you change)
  • Forget why you are really there (it's to get an education in case you did)
  • Miss out on an opportunity

But if you don't think my tips are enough you can always check out The Naked Roommate for yourself.

As for me, just one more short month until I'm back at college putting all my knowledge to use.

Just remember, you'll continue to mess up and make mistakes the whole time you're there. What matters is that you learn from those mistakes and enjoy the journey. They say that college is the best four years of your life for a reason!

Or, in the words of Katy Perry, just remember that baby you're a firework. Also watch this video because it is hilarious. My freshman roommate stumbled upon it right before we went off to University of Arkansas and it's some of the guys on campus doing a parody of Katy Perry's song!

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