Soon we will be gearing up for the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea and if you need a reason to watch, there are three. Three Texans that is. 

The Winter Games get started Friday, February 9 with the opening ceremonies and will go through Sunday, February 25. This time around there are three athletes in particular that we will be watching for and cheering for because they're from Texas!

Jonathan Garcia is from Houston, Texas and will be competing in the Long Track Speedskating. According to his bio on he began speed skating at the age of 7.

Sam McGuffie is from Cypress, Texas. He'll be competing in the Four-Man and Two-Man Bobsled. His bio from states he's played professional football for teams in the states and Canada.

Justin Olsen, from San Antonio, Texas will compete in the Four-Man and Two-Man Bobsled as pilot. His profile according to says he's a Sargent in the New York National Guard and member of the Army's World Class Athlete Program.

I know we will all be cheering on all the Americans that will be competing but it's safe to say that the cheers might be a little louder for our Texas boys.

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