Summer is still here and most kids are still enjoying their time off before school starts. Yesterday I came across some kids working hard for some extra cash. They had a lemonade stand! I was driving through the neighborhood and I had to do a double-take.

I thought to myself, "Was that a lemonade stand I just saw?" I had to go back and see.  As I got out of my vehicle I asked, "Is this a lemonade stand?" The young man said 'Yes ma'am!" Well, you know I had to buy a glass of lemonade in fact I bought two. I found out that Layton and his friend Aiden came up with the idea. Then their friend Brennan thought it was a great idea and decided to help too.

When I was a kid, a childhood friend and I set up a lemonade stand. That is still one of my favorite summer memories. If you ever had a Lemonade Stand when you were a kid, then you understand the nostalgia and excitement I had when I saw these young men working hard at their lemonade stand.

If you happen to be driving around the area of Walnut and 29th Street in Texarkana be on the lookout for these young entrepreneurs and buy a big cup of lemonade for a dollar and be sure to tip them well too!

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