What would you do with $1,000 dollars? We have your chance to win $1,000 twice a day Monday through Friday. I starting thinking about what I could buy with $1,000 right here in Texarkana.

1. Movies. With the new spring prices at Cinemark 14 and matinees are only $3.99 you could go to 200 matinees. Too early in the day? The new price for all other showings is $5.99 and that equals out to 166 movies.

2. Pizza. Who doesn't love Pizza. At Little Caesars you could get 200 of their $5 Hot n' Ready pizzas.

3. A chance to win more money with Texas or Arkansas Lottery tickets. Surely you would win something if you bought 1,000 $1 lottery tickets.

Reddit had some fun crazy ideas too like:

Listen for two different code words to be announced each day Monday through Friday. The first one at 10:20AM and the second one at 4:20PM. Once you hear a code word, log on to our website and go to our Win Cash contest page and enter the word. Entering the code word will automatically register you to win $1,000.

For more chances to win just get social with us by liking us and signing up for our newsletter through the Win Cash contest page.

*This is a multi-market contest. Contest ends April 21, 2017. Codes are only valid the day they’re given out.

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