School starts soon. If you have a kid going off to college and living in a dorm it can be daunting as to what to buy for the new experience of dorm life. Turns out there are only a few things that are a must and a few that you should just pass over.

Consumer Report made up a list and it's pretty easy to follow:

First the things needed in a dorm room:

-  a microwave (If they are allowed that is! Yeah, times have change since I was in school!)

-  decent towels! Nothing expensive but definitely soft!

- They also recommend cheap sheets, but I say not too cheap. Some of those low thread count sheets are scratchy! Ugh! Go for at least 300 count please!

-The last thing they recommend is a coffee maker. One thing is for sure, coffee lovers are born in college!

Things that the website say are a waste of money for the dorm room are:

- An Iron. Well yeah! No surprise there. I still rarely use one. Really, who has time to iron?

- Expensive bedding and decorative pillows. I agree on this. Bedding shouldn't be to expensive or to cheap. It needs to be just right. Just like towels.

- Alarm clock is a now a no no too. Remember, everyone just uses their phones now.

- Extra set of sheets? Nope. That's on the theory that college students don't wash their sheets very often. If or when they do, they'll just put the same sheets back on.

Last, but not least it is suggested to wait on the mini fridge. What? Are you kidding me?

My college roommate and I couldn't have lived without our mini fridge. Now I suggest you check with the roommate because you really only need one.

Actually, I remember I brought the TV and my roommate brought the mini fridge and we were set!